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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 26, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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my saturday night is getting started. we'll see you with an up halfway through huckabee. today on huckabee. before her husband died of cancer he wanted to be sure boys supported their mother. diagram they discovered a new love. >> and pastor joel on olsteen on turning to faith in difficult times. >> and plus rockfeller hall of famer deon with a special performance. ♪ ♪ don't let nobody turn you
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around. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. ♪ [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much, everybody. after the cbs gop candidate debate, a lot of frustration spilled out and understandably so. the network only aired the first hour of the debate and directed them to finish people to watch it on a website that didn't work. the moderator wanted to debate the candidates. and awn as the case. candidates got short changed with no time to answer the questions and might as well slipped out for a sandwich. ron paul was given 89 seconds in the entire debate to answer questions. in the words of another politician of arkansas. i feel their pain. because four years ago, i got
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disgusted by a format that was like a game show than an honnest and serious debate about issues of leading the country. lift your hand stuff from chriss matthews and religious questions about the origins of the earth that didn't have anything to do with being commander-in-chief . a moderate spend three or four minutes asking the question and demand i answer it in 30 seconds or less. i wonder if it is was the candidates or media star that is pose the question. they are sometimes staged for ratings. but they are life and death for the candidates. i realize how it easy it is to offer arm chair candidate. what they wear is lost to the depth of the other thans. somecrat a atmosphere of who they favor not only by the
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amount of time allocated and the placement on stage and determining who gets the first question. if we treat them like game shows or reality shows. let's have a reality show and let them audition like america idol and people can vote. in the meantime i would love to see less of a show and more conversation with men and women who might end up as leader of the free world. it may not be as entertaining with buzzers and bells and show of hands and audience whopping and booing. and begin our country is in a world of hurt and could use leadership right now. there is not much to cheer about as there is to think about. [applause] >> you can tell me what is on your mind. sound off at mikehuck click on the fox news feed back section. and follow me at mike
8:04 pm >> habitat for humanity is providing families in need for new homes in the past 35 years. they are helping the victims of the earthquake that devastated haiti just last year. n and the 7.0 magnitude quake damaged 200,000 homes and destroying over 100,000. my wife janet was on the international board of habitat for humanity and traveled the world building house. she joined country superstars garth brooks and trishia yearwood and former president charter to help in the rebuilding. >> it is important to get it completed so they know they are doing what we said. >> you hear we are going to get houses and aid and then it never happens. you have to build the trust of
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the people. >> janet and habitat for humanity join moose no. good to have you here. i see you didn't wear the hat for the show. >> i did not wear my hat. it was very much noded in that heat and part of hate. >> john, a lot of people know about it. habilate at is older than jimmy carter's involvement and it is about bringing people into helping others have decent affordable housing. >> very much so, thank you, mike. habitat tries to put god's love in action by building people together to build hope. and we have done that over 500,000 . the core of what makes habitat successful is the perception that we give away houses. we talk about a hand up versus a handute. the families put hundreds of
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hours of sweat equalitiy. >> they have to work on the homes themselves. and they have to pay back a mortgage and they help other families am have a chance. >> it is not just a give away program. you don't just turn it over and say hope you enjoy it. they have to take care of it because they are paying on it. >> by the time they close on the loan. they go through financial training and home management training and they are fully prepared. habitat heme owners foreclosure at less than two percent even when foreclosure rates were high as 30 percent. >> maybe habitat ought to take over freddie mac and fanet. >> janet a. i life with you and so i know about your environment with habitate. >> i appreciate that.
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>> thank you. i want to know, you tell the audience why you got involved in habitate. what was it about the ministry and i use that term. what about the ministry that attracted and fulfilling to you? >> i think in another life i might have been a contractor. >> you have another life? >> i am not sure. >> you have a another hushusband. >> no, you are the only one 37 and half years. i am very proud of that. [applause] but i started nearly 15 years in a jimmy carter work project in houston, texas and if i would have trachen that experience i would never gone back. it horrible with the weather and heat. but i loved it and would do it gan tomorrow and it is something that one lady put in perspective for me. we gave her the keys to the house and she said you have raised my tiitantic and you
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look at that and think of how many. 500,000 that we lifted off people's shoulders and begin them an opportunity to live in safe and secure housing. over the next period of thanksgiving and christmas. how many tiantics can i raise. it is a to ministry to me. the carters were involved. even though they are in the 80s they get out there and work. just for garth brooks and trishia year wood. they work served food. in both cases. there is a wonderful example of servant leadership. >> they work hard. and it is now 28 years where they came out and billed for a week. first time i built with garth
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and trishia. they stayed and helped to clean up the work sight. that is a great sign of character. >> i would not spend a night in the house i build. i am inept. janet can roof and finish out sheet rock. is there a roll for people who are utterly incapable of physically building a house with habitate? >> there are all sorts of roles. only way to help is do construction . we need to mentar partner families and help raise funds and help with the complexity of run advocating for good housing . there is a lot of ways to get involved. >> great. and appropriately on thanksgiving weekend when a lot of people are taking for granted they have a home, many people in the world that are sleeping under the stars and not to came out but they don't have anything else.
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habitate makes it possible for people to have affordable housing. thank you. [applause] they were brought together through the tragic deaths of the loved ones and they leaned on each other and discover ated new love. heart warming story of the real life brady bunch when we come back. urney across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance,
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>> childhood friend that died weeks apart and they met at one of the funerals and shared a common grief and turned to each other for support and fell in love all over again. their remarkable and heart warming story is in a new book called the color of rn. please welcome michael and gina. >> gina, your husband knew he was sick and he started to make videos for yourr kids. >> he did. >> he knew he was not going to make it? >> he was diagnosed with cancer in 2002. he formed a outline. ip want to tell my boys. the cancer journey was a three year journey. he had a hard time pushing the record. but at the end of his life he did it. >> we'll show one of them . when he's telling his boys about faith.
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listen. >> you pray for no other thing. pray is that god will tell you what he wants you to do and you will hear his voice, you will be surprised that that will happen time and time again. you will say, god, what do you want me to do about this in school. and you are listening and and the trick is once you hear him do what he tells you to do. sometimes it is not going to be what you want. >> when you watch these. is it tough to watch this. >> yeah, every time i see it and hearing his voice startles me more than anything. visual not so much. but the things he said and it is impossible to teach your children everything you want to teach them in a dvd set. parenting is done that way .
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here he is trying to say all of the things that they need to know about the faith and bance balance your work and life and respect women and it is never enough and it is it a wonderful gift to have those. >> your husband, matt passed away on christmas day. tell me about that day. >> it was interesting. he got up that morning, grant he was fragile and on oxygen and he went downstairs with our boys . he sat on the couch quietly and watched them open their gifts and called them over and said a prayer with them. he had a little time with them that day . he went back upstairs and laid down. when everything kind of took a turn and i knew this was going to be it. >> we have a video from that christmas. this is matt on christmas day.
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>> lord, we thank you veryy. very much for the gifts you gave us this year. i ask you to be with us next year. and that. >> that was christmas day. cand he died that day. >> he did. he died about probably 12 hours after that was taken. >> it is tough for me to watch that. i don't knoww how you do that. >> it was shocking to having seen that for a while. mike. after mat t passed away. your wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor. matt and kathy knew etch other. >> we never met. and my wife grew up in a small
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town and knew matt and went to school with him all the way through college and when he passed away on christmas night she attended his funeral and only three weeks after the funeral that she developed a headache. and it got worse. and eventually we took her to the er not knowing what to do with a headache and they diagnosed her with brain cancer that was inprablable. and we tried to do clinical trials to buy her more time. it was only 15 days later that she passed away. and then the twov you met as a result of the memorial service. kathy, she was an extraordinary woman and had an extreme capacitet for love and faith. on her last day, she and i were essentially saying goodbye to each other. we knew the end was near.
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out of the blue. she said all would gina. and i said we are not talking about that right now . she grasped my hand. michael call gina, she will help you. and i know she had none of this in mind that we would be married and anything else. but kathy was the kind of person who connecting people was person. she had a heart for gina and lifing across town with two boys about the same age as our children and she knew being a stuborn man i would hunker down and isolate myself and she was in her last hours trying to connect us . we did. gina was kind enough to show up at kathy's funeral and she sat me for a while and i asked her about the children and how they were doing and some point. you know, you and i just met
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but i think you are the only one i know here tonight. >> your wife kathy was telling you to talk to gina, matt was giving another video that i think help to understand how this story got together. >> mom, respect somebody and loves somebody to mere them after i pass away, i want you to expect that i love and respect that guy, too . i know yourr mom's values and if she remarries, she is going to remarry somebody that i approve of. and so i want you to respect that man like he was me. >> more of this remarkable story when we return. stay with us. ( phone ringing ) okay... uhh. the bad news, it's probably totaled. the good news is,
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>> the color of rain is a phenomenal story. it was a sad moment. you guys had just lost spouses within days of each other and now you meet, how does that meeting turn into a romance, gina? >> it takes time. when you meet under those conditions, the last thing on your mind is love and romance because falling in love is high riskk territory. you have just lost the love of your life and the thought of exposure to loss again is not something you can think of. over many, many mongs we got to know each other. a lot of time with our kid and families, together .
8:24 pm
very little time one on one. over the two years that we got to know each other we had one date. it was not like we dated. >> but it was a great date. >> it must have been a great date. >> yeah. >> it started as a friendship and mutual support for the common grief you had. and then sparks flew over time. >> oh, yes. he's so cute. yes. yeah. it felt natural and easy and comfortable and we were not trying to force anything. there was no need to have each other in our life. a lot of people have that misconception and you are winnowed and your kids need a mom and dad. i had been loved so well in my marriage to matt as you can. and michael was, too. and having understood love that way made it easy to know that it was the real thing.
8:25 pm
>> how did your kids respond when you went from friends and talking to saying hey, we are going to get married. >> take a half step back. just a few months after my wife died, our 3children huddled around a piece of paper while i butchered a dinner for them and they presented me with a contract that they had hand written. roughly, i daddy promise to never ever marry another woman or you will face screamming and crying and worse. it was nice they put the consequences. i happily signed it because as gina said in those moments you are not thinking anything like that. two years later, as we had grown close as familis and it was clear what was coming, we sat down for a family meeting to get our children's bless say what would you think if we
8:26 pm
were to become married and make a family out of it. my kids were so excited they ran to try to retrieve the contract. no, i want to keep it forever. my daughter was len at the time. we have tear it up or you have to go to jail. that was an indication they were on board. >> i felt good they wanted tear it up, too. thank god. >> what is the hardest part of blending a family. you are a reall-life brady bunch. >> there is no alice and no trip to hawaii. no. it is been seemless. bee took our time and involved the kids in the process and we were not real afrectionate, but were good friends as a unit. sevenpeople were falling in love and not just two. we paid close attention to the
8:27 pm
kid and the blending part was easy. there are two things that helped us. our spouses are present tense. matt and kathy are a part of the family. it is nine people are a part and two of them called home. our faith provided a foundation for us and not only the incredible valleys and sad parts of life but the joyful dancing parts of life are easier to understand for our kids because of their faith. >> and it is a great story. it is called a color of rain and i want to say thanks for michael and gina. it is not just a sad story. but a story of triumph and how family and faith can take the most horrible situation that you can imagine and make them okay. what a great story. the color of rain. thank you for being with us.
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blocking vital supply routes and demanding washington leave a base used by american drones. one of the three american college students is back on u.s. soil tonight. 19 year old gregory porter arriving in philadelphia today. they were detained after authorities accused them of throwing fire bombs with security forces in cairo. two other men will arrive home tonight. back to huckabee for all of the headlines when you want them. follow me at he is the pastor of america's
8:32 pm
largest churches. 16,000 folks fill the rake wood thurch're church. >> i think it is important to have something to be grateful for. you live in a good country in america. you find something to be grateful for you can be content on the inside and god will give you peace and you don't let yourself get negative and complaining and god gives you strength. >> there are hard times that are hard. a person diagnosed with cancer and lost their yob and don't
8:33 pm
have health insurance, tell that person, here's why you ought to be optmistic. that is a tough sell. >> it is. we deal with people with medical issues and people going through a divorce. you have to come back to your faith and place of peace and say god, this is not a surprise to you. you got me in the palm of your hand faith is about the economy is not good and i got problems, but i am going to be good to somebody today. >> that is an act of faith. >> the country is going through painful moments. we are divided and i never seen things so completely polarized. >> is there a symptom in which that is a set up and a spiritual renewal in this country and perhaps we are going to get so desperate we
8:34 pm
have no where else to go? >> it could be. of course, i see people turning to faith in these difficult times and we see the auditorium filling up more and more. and i do think it is a fath - fact of life they turn to the faith and a lot of people that are believers and are strong. and i think that faith is at an all-time high. we go to the arenas and baseball stadiums and see thousands come out and i was growing up a church of a thousand was a big deal. and now in this place and it is a new day. the scripture said darker in the world brighter it gets for god's people. >> 16,000 seats and you fill it up every sunday. people are hungry and that is clear. it is a spiritual hunger or people wouldn't walk as far as they do in the parking lot to get the seat in the nose bleed
8:35 pm
section. here's the question. when you have a church that is large as lakewood. how do you have a personal connection to the critics who say that is great but you really don't have that close intimate ministry with people and so what do you do to make it so there is connection. >> that is a great point and something we all face. it is important to realize . we started with 90 people in 1959 before i was born. it just grew. but that is one thing we face. in every service we have a couple of thousand prayer partereners and they will say if you need prayer come and pray with an individual. we pray with a lot of people as well. and after the service, i would love to meet you. i will be out there in the lobby. and even though it is big. you have to do your best to make it small.
8:36 pm
>> president obama in the course of his presidential election three years ago, spoke of his faith, but once in office, has not exactly overwhelmed a church with his presence. does that trouble you just as a pastor that the leader of the country may be could set an example of saying i will worship every sunday and show that? >> i think it would be great. i am probably too full of mercy to say maybe you know, all of the thing that is come with the presidencies and the security and all of that. maybe that plays into it. i believe he loves in the lord. i don't know. the idea world yes. >> do you ever have contact and encourage him or would he reach out to you. >> he has reached out to us. and we have done some of the leadership thing in the white house and prayed with him and
8:37 pm
simple things like that and very kind and friendly to our ministry. >> you are not outspoken politically and a lot of pastors have gotten involved and sometimes with a lot of criticism with that. you have chosen not to be overtly involved. tell me why. >> i feel my calling is throw a wide net of hope out there and get people who didn't glow up like me interested in god . god is relative and i believe the minute you start saying i am this or that you divide the audience. i have friends that are involved and i celebrate them and i just don't think it is my calling because i don't want to alienate people who i trying to reach with god's hope. >> do pastor friends say you need to be outspoken. do you get that from members
8:38 pm
of our congregation or pastors. >> it was more early on. and joel, you have a big platform and why don't you speak for all of us. you have to stay focus on your own calling. and when i wake up in the morn i search my heart. i don't feel that is what i am called to do. i stay focused on what god called me to do. [ malannouncer ] imagine facing the day
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8:42 pm
we are not jutching up and down on a friday or monday if something happened. be at peace and know that god is in control. >> you make a statement you need to bloom where you are planted. how did and a person do that? >> you have to make the decision this is where god has me right now. he's god and he could change this. if god is not changing it maybe i need to grow and pass the test and i think about joseph he was in prison for 13 for something he didn't do. he was good to people and god brought him out. this is where you have me and i will trust that maybe you are doing a work in me. and i will not be sour and complainn. i will be good to somebody. >> if a person is feeling like every day as a monday. is there one tidbit that you would share with them to say this is how to make the monday a friday. >> again, go back to get up in
8:43 pm
the morn find something to be graceful with. so many starting the day is negative and complain that is setting the tone for the wrong kind of day. and another thing that is important. go out and do something good for somebody else. if you are feeling discouraged that is selfish. it is all about me. be a blessing to somebody. that's the way we were created to live. when you give, you will feel that joy come into you. >> what is the worst day of your life? >> the worst day of your life was not my dad's death. that was unexpected but when my mother had terminal cancer and had a few weeks to leave. my mother was 48 years old and i was 21 in college and i never saw my market sick. and fast forward through. my mother prayed and we believed and stood in faith
8:44 pm
and had a good attitude. we trusted and 30 years later my mom is going strong. >> and some people have the same diagnosis but not the same concluctions. >> they have to get through it to know that good - god is in control. he said he would never let you go through more and governor, i have been a ministry 12 year since my dad died. there is a lot about faith we don't understand. so much faith is trusting when you don't have answered questions. joel, my little boy has cancer. god has you in the palm of your hand and he will give you strength. i can't tell him everybody is getting well. but god will give strength. >> you didn't grow up to be a pastor of a church on television. when you were a little kid you
8:45 pm
wanted watched yourr dad do this and say that's me. >> i loved production and i loved cameras and editing and thought that's what i would do in my life. my dad tried to get me up here for 17 years and i was too nervous and i am naturally quiet. but when my dad had a heart attack and died, i knew i was suppose to do it and never dreamed it would grow. god puts things if huthat you don't know you have. when you trust and believe he will take you places you never dreamed of. >> and if you could go back before your dad died, would you have done things differently to prepare or was it better to be thrust into it. >> it was a perfect part of god's plann for my life. i had friends who went to seminary. i spent 17 years editing my
8:46 pm
father's sermons and grew up and traveled with him. i think thatthis may sound funny. for me maybe not going to seminary helped me to keep it simpler and talk about every day life and maybe it helped me. >> final question. this year is going to be a very, very tumultous yearr with an election. and i know you don't get into politics. tell me what you hope happens in the course of the election cycle not just for president. but america is going through rock and moments. what is joel olsteens hope and prayer for the political environment coming up in these next 12 monthings. >> my biggest hopes is to keep it respectful and not so much of the personal stuff. people are passionate about the politics . my thing is, we are americans and we are all passionate and we all think we have the right answer and we keep it
8:47 pm
respectful and i still believe in honoring those that are out there because they are putting themselves in heat and i pray for them and honoring them even if i don't agree. i will not get in to name call asking disrespect. >> you will have to play a lot for that to happen. >> it is one of my prayers. >> if it happens, i will call you and say keep praying for the economy. i hope you are right. joel olsteen. what a pleasure. >> appreciate you. >> and coming up. rock-n-roll hall of famer deon opens up about his faith and longg-lasting love of his wife.
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>> classic hits like the wandering and run around two are fan favorite 50 years after the top of the charts. deon the wandering talks truth. please welcome deon. great to have you here. >> thanks for coming back. >> y on >> and you had an incredible career as a young man. lots of fame and money and pres tig. a lot of drugs and alcohol, too. what changed your life from those early days and what was the turning point. >> you know, success it is like an iconic and you just get hooked on it. and it doesn't save you. somewhere along the line. i think artist, a lot of them start out so broken and damaged. and just confused.
8:52 pm
and they are outsiders. and they become a big insider and if you don't get rid of the angst back in 1968 and mount carmel church. and a little cathedral in little italy in the bronx. and i got on my knees and said a prayer and i got out of that church changed . reform your father-in-law said i ve to hear from strangers. i got down on my knee as i saw jack and asked to take away the chains, goder accident. >> i said pray for me and he
8:53 pm
said why don't you pray. god loves to hear from strangers and i did and never been the same. i am married 48 years and i am clean and sober. [applause] and my friends are clean and sober. and 43 years, you know, when i got down on my knees. something strange happened and i never have been the same. i've never ever had a doubt my self-worth ever again. that is a powerful story and one of the things that makes you unique person was t wonderful relationship you had with wife susan. 48 years of marriage. that touched me deeply. i fell in love with susan because of intelience and wit. and inner strength. i say she is a black belt in love. what a lovely expression and you guys knew each other when
8:54 pm
she was 13 and you were 15. you talk about her so lovingly . why has she meant so much to you and how has she helped to make your life. >> you got to married the girl that gets you to hen and she's the one. never given me. i don't think in all of the years i have known susan and we met. i was 16 and she was 14. i don't think in all of those years she gave me an ounce of sympathy. not one ounce. compassion and understanding. it is like mister, if you want sympathy you will find it in the dictionary. and so in those times. when marriage gets difficult. it is not because i understand susan or she agrees with me that i love her, but i love her and i accept her . you know, when god is in the center of that marriage and works and bring you to higher
8:55 pm
ground. >> i will get out of the way and let you sing. what is it call. >> don't let anybody ever turn you around. ♪ ♪ you might slip. ♪ you might slide. ♪ stumble and fall by the road side. ♪ but don't let nobody drag your spirit down. ♪ you know what i am talking about. ♪ we are walking up to heaven, don't let no body turn you aroundd.
8:56 pm
♪ we walk with the rich and the poor. ♪ learn from everybody that is what life is for. ♪ don't let no body drag your spirit down. ♪ we walking up to hen charms, don't let no body turn you around. ♪ i might say things, sound strange to you. ♪ i might preach the gospel. ♪ i do believe it is true. ♪ don't let nobody tread you down. ♪ you know we are walking up to hen, don't let no body turn you around. ♪
8:57 pm
♪ yo. >> the one and only deon. thank you so much for being here. the book. deon the wander. tell us the truth and you do. thank you for coming and god bless you. to all of you thank you for being with us. we hope you have a great week . until next time. this is mike huckabee good night and god bless. [ male announcer ] sometimes a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. wait a minute...i... [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer. is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again.
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